HYMN: The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost - Come Holy Spirit | Emi Mimo de l’ojo Pentikost


ENGLISH LYRICS: The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost

"They are filled with the Holy Spirit." Acts 2:4

1.  The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost
    He came in mighty fullness then
    His witness through believers won the lost
    And multitudes were born again
    The early Christians scattered O'er the world 
    They preached the gospel fearlessly 
    Though some were martyred and to lions hurled 
    They marched along in victory 

    Come Holy Spirit, dark is the hour
    We need your filling, Your love and your mighty power.
    Move now among us, stir us, we pray
    Come Holy Spirit, Revive the church today.

2. Then in an age when darkness gripped the earth
    The just shall live by faith was learned
    The Holy Spirit gave the church new birth
    As reformation fires burned
    In later years the revivals came
    When saints would seek the Lord and pray
    O once again we need that Holy flame
    To meet the challenge of today.

YORUBA LYRICS: Emi Mimo de l’ojo Pentikost

Won si kun fun Emi Mimo Ise A. 2:4

1. Emi Mimo de l’ojo Pentikost   
   Pelu agbara isoji
   Ifihan Re n'nu awon to gbagbo
   Jere opo okan fun Kristi
   Ijo Kristi tan ka gbogbo aye
   Won nsoro pelu igboya
   Opo  won si ku bi ajeri ku
   Won fi gbagbo lo si 'segun

Wa Emi Mimo, Okunkun su,
Mu wa soji, fi agbara nla re kun wa
Da 'na ife Re si okan wa
Wa Emi Mimo, wa so wa ji loni

2. 'Gbat' okun ese bori aye
   Emi Mimo tan 'mole Re
   Olododo y'o ye nipa ‘gbagbo
   Ni 'won nkede jakejado
   Olorun si ran opo isoji
   Ina adura njo gere
   A nfe iru isoji bi eyi
   Fun 'pe nija akoko yi

Composed by: John W. Peterson

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